Central Division is the smallest in the US, but it has produced a significant number of great bowlers and US champions over the years.  Central also boasts several Bowls USA Hall of Fame members who earned their stripes on the prairie greens.
Hall of Fame – Bowls USA
• Jack Behling, Milwaukee
• Ken Degenhart, Milwaukee
• Isabella Forbes, Chicago
• Arthur Hartley, Chicago
• Bert MacWilliams, Cleveland
• Emily Edith MacWilliams, Cleveland
• Lachlan McArthur, Chicago
• William Miller, Gary
• Emmet Richardson, Milwaukee
• Champ Salisbury, Milwaukee
• Cyrilla “Cy” Stephan, Milwaukee
• R. Gil Stephan, Milwaukee
• Dora Stewart, Cleveland
John Dora Stewart, Cleveland
• Joe Zinna, Rockford & Milwaukee

International medals for Team USA
2011   Steve Nelson (lead-triples), Asia Pacific Championships BRONZE
2008   Bob Schneider (skip-fours), China Open GOLD

US National Champions from 1990-present
2015    Bob Schneider, Rob Behncke
2013    Anna Witt, Rebecca Nguyen
2009   Bob Schneider, Joe Zinna
2006   Joe Zinna, Bob Schneider
1999   Ken Degenhart, Leif Andresen
1997   Joe Zinna, Sal Marino
1995   Jack Behling, Champ Salisbury
1994   Ken Degenhart, John Stewart
1993   Ken Degenhart, John Stewart
1990   Ken Degenhart, Jim Cavender
1982   Ken Degenhardt, Chet Schuller

2009   Steve Nelson

2004   Bob Schneider
1997   Jim Cavender

US Open Champions
1991   Jack Behling, Champ Salisbury
1990   Jack Behling, Champ Salisbury
1998   Jack Behling