Ken Degenhardt Potlicker Pairs

Aaron & Bob

Bob Schneider and Aaron Zangl won the last game against 2021 champs Rob Behcke and Jim Cavender to win in 2022 and capture the $1000 first place prize.  Rob and Jim finished in second place.

Team Event

Mark, Frankie, Rob, Jim, and Tony

 In a format similar to that of the NAC, four person teams played a round robin featuring singles, pairs, triples, and fours.  The final game of fours between the two teams tied for first place provided some fireworks in the last end.    The team of Bob Schneider, Tony Baer, Aaron Zangle, and Nancy Santos was three shots down to the team of Rob Behncke, Tony Santos, Frankie Napoli, and Jim Grzybowski/Mark Mathwig.  With one bowl to go, Bob Schneider trailed the jack back to a cluster of friendly bowls to lie four.  Rob Behncke delivered his final bowl slightly off line, but got a nice rub finish in the head cutting out two shot bowls and winning both the game and the championship.

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