2020 Central Division Open Results

Do You Recognize These Masked Men?

This so far unidentified pair stormed through the Covid curtailed Central Pairs tournament.  The Pairs on Saturday found these guys with an insurmountable lead going into the last game, which they lost to a team that was happy to win.  The team of Bob Schneider and Brian Schieble finished second with Jim and Randy Grzybowski in third.  Instead of the usual two day events, both the pairs and the singles had to be played in one day each.  The length of games and formats of the two events had to be far different from what they would be in normal times.  Nevertheless, it was great to be playing bowls again. 

The Singles on Saturday also saw these two taking the lead with left guy winning and right guy in second after a very close game.  Bob Schneider came in third.  Of course the guy on the left is Tony Baer and on the right is Rob Behncke.  It was Rob’s birthday, so his family arranged Hawaiian themed party for him. 



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