Canada selects lawn bowls team for North American Challenge vs USA

Team Canada has announced its line-up for the NAC lawn bowls test match against Team USA, to be held Sept 9-11 in Milwaukee WI. The ten men and ten women will be divided into the Folkins and Jarvis squads in competition against their US counterparts. Cross-over games are part of the format. (Team USA’s squad has already been announced. See posts of May 1 and Feb 12 for details.)

Folkins Team Men
Singles – Hiren Bhartu
Pairs – Michel Larue & Keith Roney
Triples – Steve McKerihen, Hiren Bhartu & Fred Wallbank
Fours – Steve McKerihen, Michel Larue, Keith Roney & Fred Wallbank
Jarvis Team Men
Singles – Jurgen Fessler
Pairs – Cary Manns & Pat Bird
Triples – Mike Bester, John Aveline & Jurgen Fessler
Fours – Mike Bester, Cary Manns, John Aveline & Pat Bird
Folkins Team Women
Singles – Josephine Lee
Pairs – Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong & Amanda Berg
Triples – Harriette Pituley, Rachel Larsen & Josephine Lee
Fours – Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong, Harriette Pituley, Rachel Larsen & Amanda Berg
Jarvis Team Women
Singles – Mary Ann Beath
Pairs – Claire Day & Jackie Foster
Triples – Mary Ann Beath, Kylah Dittmar & Heather Battles
Fours – Claire Day, Kylah Dittmar, Jackie Foster & Heather Battles
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