USA announces women’s team for lawn bowls test match v. Canada

The women’s Team USA has been named to compete in the lawn bowls North American Challenge against Team Canada, to be held Sept 9-11, 2010 in Milwaukee, WI.

Folkins Team
Singles: Dee McSparran
Pairs:    (L) Dee McSparran, (S) Myra Wood
Triples:  (L) Anna Witt, (2nd) Jackie Tucker, (S) Jan Hargraves
Fours:   (L) Anna Witt, (2nd) Jackie Tucker, (3rd) Jan Hargraves, (S) Myra Wood
Manager:   Dana Lum

Jarvis Team
Singles:  Michele Arculli
Pairs:    (L) Carrie Fossati, (S) Marita Nierth
Triples:  (L) Michele Arculli, (2nd) Anne Nunes, (S) Rosa Gandara
Fours:   (L) Carrie Fossati, (2nd) Anne Nunes, (3rd) Marita Nierth, (S) Rosa Gandara
Manager:   Annette Schans

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