Player positions announced for NAC

Selectors for Team USA have recommended the men’s player positions for the test match v. Canada at the North American Challenge, to be held in Milwaukee September 9-11.

Team Folkins:
Singles: Michael Siddall
Pairs: (L) Joe Regan, (S) Michael Siddall
Triples: (L) Bill Brault, (2nd) Patrick Duffy, (S) Charlie Herbert
Fours: (L) Joe Regan, (2nd) Bill Brault, (3rd) Patrick Duffy, (S) Charlie Herbert

Team Jarvis:
Singles: Steve Nelson
Pairs: (L) Joe Zinna, (S) Bob Schneider
Triples: (L) Steve Nelson, (2nd) Richard Broad, (S) Jim Olson
Fours: (L) Richard Broad, (2nd) Joe Zinna, (3rd) Jim Olson, (S) Bob Schneider

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