Finally a reason to join Facebook

Never having seen the need for the world to know how mundane my life really is — “getting a cuppa joe now” or “got a new Dremel…woohoo” — I had not ventured into the world of social networking. Then Athol told me about the new Facebook fan group ‘Lawn Bowls in the USA’ and I had to check it out. Sneaking in via my wife’s FB account (the cool ones know FB stands for Facebook), I used the search field to locate the new lawn bowls fan page. Lo and behold, I ‘spied with my little eye’ a modest-sized group of folks who were connected to one another via their affiliation to the lawn bowls community in the US.

Maybe there was a point to FB after all — a way to stay in touch with other lawn bowls fans, a term we know is short for ‘fanatic’. During the long, dark hours of a Midwest winter when you can only think/dream/brood about bowling, connecting with other bowlers sounds appealing. Rolling 1000’s of imaginary bowls in long hallways or estimating distances between cars only goes so far. Now I can talk bowls. Or maybe. First I need some friends!

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