Central Pair Helps USA Win North American Challange

Rob & Bob

Two Guys From Milwaukee, (no, not Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson…sorry, got stuck in the Way Back Machine there for a second), but rather Bob Schneider and Rob Behncke, were a large factor in the USA’s first ever victory over Canada in the North American Challenge.  This international competition between the US and Canada was founded by long time Central Division, Milwaukee Lake Park, and Hall of Fame member R. Gil Stephan. 

Bob and Rob did a stalwart job in the pairs and fours.  The US has won a division or two of this event over the years, but this time Team USA delivered the goods and won both the men’s and women’s sections, thereby capturing the overall title.  It should also be noted that the team manager was a well known former Central Division guy, Steve Nelson.  Congratulations and well done to all involved.

Team USA

Trophies for Each Division



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