Bob Schneider Wins 2018 Singles Playdowns

Jim & Bob

Copious quantities of calcium carbonate were called for in the final match between Bob Schneider and Jim Gryzbowski.  Jim Cavender, who was marking the game, commented on how he was earning his pay with all the chalk he was using.  After a day one round robin, Bob and Jim were undefeated and found themselves in a double elimination playoff.  Jim prevailed in game one while Bob came back to win in game two.  After a night in which both players observed a strict training regimen (or so they claimed), game three commenced the following morning.  The lead went back and forth throughout the first part of the game.   Both players were really dialed in and were making great shots.  Finally, Bob’s steady and consistent draw game were too much for Jim to overcome

Schneider and Grzybowski size up the head while Cavender looks on in disgust after realizing there is not one single toucher in the bunch.  Thankfully both players stepped up their game and quickly recovered from this shoddy example of bowls.  Good luck to all the Central Division players at the National Championships.

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