POTLICKER CUP 2018 (a.k.a. the Rob & Bob Show)

Bob Schneider & Rob Behncke

With the results of the 19th annual tournament in the pot, it is quite apparent who the foremost Potlickers are.  For the sixth year in a row the Potlickers extraordinaire were Rob Behncke and Bob Schneider, who are seen here hoisting the vaunted Potlicker Cup in victory.  However, this year it was a very close finish as the team of Brian Schieble and Jim Cavender ending up tieing with the same number of wins.  Rob and Bob outpointed Brian and Jim by a slim margin to take first place.  Carl Landgren and Mark Mathwig finished in third place.

A cold and windy Saturday was followed by a chilly and soggy Sunday with a steady all-day rain.  Somehow Rob and Bob seemed to be not as affected by the miserable conditions and  the slow greens as were most of their opponents.  They appeared to have less trouble holding onto and delivering their bowls than did their dampened competitors.  To borrow a phrase from horse racing, Rob and Bob proved to be really good mudders.

Despite the unfortunate conditions, a wonderful time was had by all.  Among the comments from this group of intrepid and dedicated lawn bowlers were:  “Next year, let’s do this on a summer weekend.”  “Are we done yet?”  “Can we play only 6 ends?”  “Has anyone seen my umbrella?” “Why isn’t the TV bigger?”  &  “Are you sure there’s enough beer in the clubhouse?”

I believe it was Vince Lombardi (also known in Wisconsin as St Vince) who said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”  You can see this plainly illustrated here by the celebratory elation of Rob and Bob compared to the dejection of the second place finishers Brian and Jim.  Stay tuned for the upcoming Central Division Tournaments.  See the Tournaments link for entry forms.

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