2017 Singles Playdowns

Rosa Baer and Rob Behncke Are The 2017 Champions

This year the Central Division welcomed Rosa and Tony Baer.  Both are new to the division but are well known nationally, being long time members of the Southwest Division.  Both Rosa and Tony are former national champions and both turned in great performances. 

In the women’s competition, Rosa Baer was able to overcome a strong challenge from Pat Wimmer in the final game.  Rosa was down 20 to 17 in game two of a best two out of three playoff.  She then put her four bowls close to the jack and Pat was unable to get the shot with her final bowl.  Pat finished in second place.  Congratulations Rosa.

Rob & Tony

On the men’s side, Rob Behncke was undefeated going into the final game of the round robin when he ran into a determined Mark Mathwig.  Mark made shot after critical shot and handed Rob his only loss.  This placed Rob in a tie with Tony Baer whose only loss was to Rob in an earlier game.  Both Rob and Tony played superb bowls in the playoff game, but Rob was able to counter a number  of great shots by Tony and he eked out a narrow victory.  The spectators who remained to watch the playoff were treated to a very entertaining and exciting match.  The loss to Rob dropped Tony into second place.  Bob Schneider came in third.

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