Central Division Tournament Results


Rob Behncke and Brian Schieble duplicated last year’s finish by winning the championship.  The team of Anna Witt and Rebecca Nguyen came in second.


Women:  Anna Witt and Rebecca Nguyen prevailed in a two out of three match against Min Waite and Pat Wimmer.  After losing game one, Anna and Rebecca took the last two games to qualify for Nationals.

Men:  Two teams, Bob Schneider / Rob Behncke and Jim Grzybowski / Leif Andresen were undefeated and were prepared to play the best two out of three games for the championship.  Grzybowski and Andresen won game one.  Then, after some confusion about the way to proceed in the tournament, the rest of the games were delayed.  After a great deal of discussion and resolution of schedules, the remaining games were finally played.  Schneider and Behncke won game two handily.  Game three was another story, with the lead going back and forth throughout.  Two down on the last end, Grzybowski and Andresen managed to tie up the game.  On the extra end, Jim Grzybowski picked out a Rob Behncke bowl which was an inch or two directly in front of the jack and his team had the shot.  This managed to stand up and Jim Grzybowski and Leif Andresen advanced to the National Championships.

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