2017 Central Division Tournament Dates Set

Bear3With only a short time to endure the remainder of winter, we can look forward to the start of our bowling season. Here are the dates of the Division tournaments:  the CD Open pairs will be July 8-9 and singles August 12-13 while singles Playdowns will be July 15-16 with the pairs August 19-20.  Entry forms for 2017 are on the Tournaments page, as are the requirements for Playdowns entrants.  To enter in the Central Division Open, you must be a member of Bowls USA or an equivalent national organization.  This page also lists other tournaments open to all Bowls USA or international players.  A reminder to Central Division clubs: if your club has tournaments or other events open to out-of-towners, this information can be included on the website.  Send this and any other club news to: info@lawnbowlscentral.com .

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