Nelson – Wimmer Take Singles Playdowns

Nelson-singlesSteve Nelson needed all of his experience in national and international play to get by his long time pairs partner Carl Landgren and win the 2015 Singles Playdowns.  Both players were on their games in the 90 degree heat.  The match featured 15 one point ends and a multitude of brilliant shots.  On the last end, Steve was up 19-18 and lying three with his bowls within 12 inches of the jack.  Carl then drew down inside Steve’s shot bowl.  With his last bowl, Steve rolled Carl’s bowl out of the head for the two shots he needed for the win.  Landgren finished in second place with Leif Andresen in third.

Pat Wimmer


In the women’s event, Pat Wimmer won the double elimination match against second year bowler Min Waite.  This will be the third year in a row that Pat has ably represented the Central Division.

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